Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls weekend away

Last weekend I went away for my first girls weekend away since having kids. It was a short distance away, the beautiful (but cold!) NSW Southern Highlands but it felt like worlds away - no little people asking for snacks every second, fighting with their siblings, complaining of phantom tummy aches etc. You know, just ordinary stuff but the stuff that means you can't enjoy a quiet coffee, go to the bathroom alone or have a full conversation. Well, there were plenty of long conversations on our girls weekend, some while relaxing in the hotel's huge spa, ahh!!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather, drank lots of coffees...

Talked books and more books (I started this one, recommended by this enthusiastic reader and fellow weekend goer ;-) ...
Went to a great retro shop that, in their own words, "Sells really cool stuff"...

Visited a fantastic local gallery and fell in love with the chicken and rooster portraits in the Birds of a Feather exhibition...

Wandered around a small town market and bought this beautiful skein of wool, with a view to making a little boy's beanie. I can feel a winter addiction coming on ;-) ...

 And lastly, on my way home, I stopped in at a handmade shop called Made by Others. Wow, I thought we were spoiled for this type of thing in Sydney, but this has the best collection I've seen. I couldn't resist buying an amazing pair of hand screen printed tights (how do you screen print tights??). It was very inspirational to meet the 2 owners and chat about the business. Whilst I'm sure there are stresses to the business I would love to have something like this - to be surrounded by all that creativity all the time would be amazing. I left inspired and vowed I'd go back.

Sadly there won't be much crafting going on here this week - having a night away from home has made me realise how bad the quality of our sleep has become with a 2 year old and a four year old in our bed night after night (not our choice, their habits). So if I am to try to change the habits and convince them to stay in their own beds I must go to bed early myself and be prepared for the possibility of wakeful nights returning them to their beds. Wishing you a restful week!


  1. Wow what a great weekend! Loving those tights. Just tried their online shop but couldn't find them...

    1. Hi Trudi, yes their shops don't seem to have any tights, could email them I guess, maybe they're just selling them from their stockist's shops. Made by others have a pic of some of the other designs in the latest post on their blog:

  2. Oh it sounds wonderful - I love weekends away! So peaceful, to do things in your own time and pace. My one has been waking up rearing to go at 4:30am for the last couple of weeks, so it's been early to bed for me too! Fortunately his system seems to have settled back in to some kind of more reasonable waking hour and this morning we got to sleep in till 6:30. I did realise those early mornings were killing me but it seemed only time would cure it so fingers crossed you can do something about your little sleepers.

  3. Great photos! Yep looks like you guys had a lovely time! Love the rooster portraits.. very funny! Those tights do look gorgeous :)

    Good luck with the wakeful nights... hope it goes well xxx

  4. wow Jo, what a treat!! So glad you got the opportunity to go away.

    Funny how we just adjust to the lack of sleep that goes hand in hand with having children..... My girls have only just recently stopped hopping into my bed (only in the early morning though, not during the night) and of course I now miss it!!!


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