Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Me Made May 2013 week 4+

Me Made May 2013 week 4+

Here's my final week (and a half) of Me Made May 2013. My apologies for not referencing each outfit, most are the same as previous weeks.  I've been struggling to get the time and patience to blog lately... technical issues, kid issues, family issues... you know, just normal stuff but stuff that keeps me from hobbies like this blog. Anyway, I digress. Back to MMM2013:

What I noticed in week 4+:

- Day 26  I forgot to take a pic so this shows the little wristlet that I take with me on my walks with my boy to drop off & pick up my girls from school - very useful.
- I had one more fully me-made day - Day 27. Made a mental note to make another pair of these trousers.
- Having a loose colour palette going seems to help me get dressed quickly and stress-free in the mornings. Mine seems to be cool toned neutrals with splashes of bright colour.

And what I noticed overall from MMM2013:

- I'm pleased that my wardrobe is generally hanging together (largely through colour but also Briars :-), and I now know where the gaps are: casual trousers & skirts and a few nicer pieces - I am working on one at the moment and hope to show you next week

- Taking a photo each day wasn't so hard in the end... I kept my camera in my study/sewing room, which is next to the laundry, and once each day when I passed I grabbed the camera (settings left permanently on self timer), propped it up in the same position on the BBQ, pushed the button and jumped in front of the fence... then each few days I plugged the camera in to the computer while sending emails.

- I feel inspired to keep going with my sewing. As my skills improve and the quality of my garments improve I get more enjoyment from it and love the fact that to a certain extent I can make what I dream of wearing rather than trudging the streets looking through shops for something that may suit me and may fit and may be affordable. Yay sewing!

- and as always I've loved being part of a community here online :-) Thank you so much to all those lovely people who have commented here and on Flickr - you give me confidence in my sewing and my style.

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  1. I also notice that your pop of bright color tends to be fuschia/purple-based! Love it.


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