Monday, July 22, 2013

Little boy pj's

Before we went on a trip away recently I looked ashamedly at my little boy in his tired old pyjamas and decided it was time to raid the stash and make him some new pairs. I mean, he's almost 4 and I was still squeezing him into size 2's. For a sewing mad mum it was embarrassing!
Sleeping johns
For the first pair out came the 'sleeping johns' pattern from the book Growing Up Sew Liberated. I used a groovy aeroplane print jersey I'd been hoarding for a while, adding a yoga style waistband, which I find works well with knitted fabrics and kids love for the softness - it's just a folded over band of ribbing, cut a few inches smaller than the waist of the pants and stretched and sewn to fit. For the top I chose a RTW basic t-shirt I'd also been hoarding and embellished it with a pocket in the plane fabric.

flashback skinny tee & pj pants
For the next pair (he could do with a few) I used the pants pattern from Oliver & S's Bedtime Story pattern. I find this is a good simple shape for woven fabric pjs. I bought the goldfish graphic print flannelette at Spotlight with this very purpose in mind, so it was satisfying to finally use it!

And this time I made the top too, finally succumbing to buying the Made by Rae Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. This pattern had definitely fallen into that mental category of mine called something like 'patterns I like but don't want to buy because they're too simple to spend money on and I could draft it myself'. Hmm. The problem is that I don't get around to drafting them myself, and what I'm finding is that patterns in this category that I do buy end up being incredibly useful and used lots. This pattern I've used 6 times already! Lesson learnt.

flashback skinny tee & pj pants

And here's the third set, again Skinny Tee / Bedtime Story combo, this one in a little boy's perennial favourite - dinosaurs :-)

Upcycled flashback skinny tee
Again using the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern I also refashioned an adult t-shirt (remember this one?) into little boy size. He likes the monsters and I like the feeling of satisfaction of ticking something off my huuuuge sewing list.

flashback skinny tee
And this final one I like for it's cute colours and I'm thinking it could be a daytime t-shirt rather than a pj top but needs something printed on the front. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. Any ideas welcome :-)


  1. I immediately had to think of this for the yellow shirt:
    Great PJ´s, I just love the one with the goldfishes!

    1. Thanks Ute! I love that design of Dana's too - and my boy does love bananas ;-)

  2. Such great shirts! The yellow and grey one is my favorite:)
    And I just had to say that I have the EXACT same problem - hemming and hawing over patterns for ages, reluctant to spend the $$ on something so "simple" - but never taking the time to actually draft it myself. And ironically enough, the Flashback Skinny tee is on the top of that "I should just get it" list. Because really - what's more useful than a tshirt pattern?!

  3. So, so true! Simple patterns get the most use for me too, and while in theory I suppose I could draft something simple, a good pattern lets me focus my energies and actually sewing stuff instead.

    You know I love this pattern. I owe Joe a few new shirts. I have been too lazy to trace out the next size, and all of his PJs are looking a little sad these days too.

    Lucky boy, snuggled in mama-mades!

  4. I felt the same about the flashback at first, but I'm so glad I bought it. I swear I've made 20 of them! Such a great staple pattern to have. I love that goldfish fabric!


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