Friday, September 27, 2013

Selfish sewing boat neck tee

Despite my best intentions Selfish Sewing week has been somewhat hijacked by both school holidays and a short family trip away. But I did get this essential garment done, a fitted boat neck t-shirt.

Self drafted boat neck tee

This is by no means an exciting t-shirt, but one that hopefully I can reach for on those mornings when I need to grab something quickly and get going for the day. I really like elbow length sleeves, they're comfortable and great for in-between season weather. And, whether fashionable at the time or not, I'm always attracted to boat necks as I think they balance out my pearish body shape.

Self drafted boat neck tee

I used my self drafted pattern as a basis then used Dana's boat neck tutorial for the neck opening. I liked my previous t-shirt but always thought the finishing wasn't great. But I've had more experience with knits since then and am more confident now. I like how the neck turned out and I think it adds a more professional feel to the t-shirt.

Self drafted boat neck tee detail

As an aside, lately I've been thinking a lot about the issue of sewing special clothes vs everyday clothes. And I've come to the conclusion that sewing basics really is a good way to go - they get worn a lot and appreciated more. Sure you can buy a t-shirt very cheaply at one of the big chain stores, but you can't choose the fabric, sleeve length, neck finish etc, and inevitably some area of it probably won't fit so well. And of course you also can't buy that feeling you get from wearing something you've made yourself :-)


  1. Looks great Jo! Got to love a bit of selfish sewing that is going to be worn to death :)

    1. Thanks Lamina :-) And yes, selfish sewing is worth it for sure!

  2. This really suits you - love the neckline finish
    Agree re sewing basics v sewing pretties too

  3. I have been thinking about a boatneck knit dress, thanks for the link, that helps a lot! This top looks great on you, I want to sew mainly basics as I don't do any clothes buying anymore...It is super fun to get dressed every day in hand made clothes!

  4. Love the neckline! I do agree, sewing basics is the way to go. Once you have a Basic that fits well, you can make as many as you like, in exactly the fabric you want... and it goes a bit faster every time!

  5. Looks great! Very flattering on you! I agree about sewing basics - I get more wear out of the simple tops and t-shirts I've made than anything else, and they were easier to sew, to boot!


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