Sunday, October 20, 2013

By Hand London Polly top and summer sewing list

Have you seen By Hand London's newest pattern, the Polly top? It's lovely and it's also free! When I saw it I instantly knew what I'd like to make it in, a fabric I've been saving forever, but thought I'd better make a muslin first...
But I ended up liking the scrap fabric muslin, so I finished it off and it's now a wearable muslin :-)

The fit is a little off so I'm adjusting it for the proper version, though I will still wear this.

- - - -

More on the Polly top later but for now, before Kids Clothes Week starts tomorrow I thought I'd share my thoughts on summer selfish sewing, for us here in the Southern Hemisphere.

I'm considering these patterns:

By Hand London's Anna dress. This pattern is taking the online sewing world by storm, if you haven't noticed already. I fell in love with the Anna instantly thought the shape would suit my figure. I particularly like this and this version.

Sewaholic's Saltspring dress. The only pattern I've sewn of Tasia's is the Minoru, which is my sewing pride and joy :-) But apart from that I find Sewaholic patterns a little girly for me. When I first saw the Saltspring I wasn't tempted at all, but, as often happens with us sewing fanatics, all it's taken to convince me otherwise is seeing a few amazing versions, like this one and this one. I love the thought of the maxi version in a lightweight silk like this one or jersey like this one (complete with beautiful plaited straps). And I think keeping it in a solid will make it less girly.

Victory Patterns Simone top. I love all the details on this top. If my patience could hold out and I chose great fabrics I can picture it looking good. I love my Ava tops, so I'm thinking this would be a winner too.

Grainline Studio's Maritime shorts. Shorts. Hmm, I've not been a fan of shorts in the past. I find them not very flattering at all to my leg shape (shapeless, and I have lots of post-pregnancy spider veins, def not my best feature). BUT I can see how practical they are. So maybe if I make them a little longer and in a chambray or light weight denim to keep them low-key. I like this and this version.

What's on your list for summer sewing? Or if you're on the opposite side of the world, what were your favourites last summer? I'd love to know.


  1. The top looks great Jo.
    Our summer sewing lists are similar - I've got the Anna dress on my list (contemplating fabric), and I'm intending to make some shorts too, although am going to use the Iris pattern. Love the Saltspring dress, but not sure how it would look on me. I've got another Washi cut out too, but first KCW.... :-)

    1. Thanks Justine. I've heard quite a few people say the Ssltspring suits everyone. And I look forward to seeing what you do with your Anna

  2. I love the Anna dress - but not sure it's for me. Maybe your version will change my mind :) My Saltspring is my favourite dress - can't recommend it highly enough.
    I'm thinking of trying Rae's Ruby dress next.

  3. I love your Saltspring too Renee ;-)


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