Monday, April 14, 2014

Cali Faye Collection Perri Pullover

This post comes to you tonight courtesy of my procrastination on the task I'd mentally assigned myself earlier in the day: making cushions (or 'pillows')...

You see we have friends coming for lunch over Easter and I really wanted to get my act together and fix the woeful cushion issue in our living room. I know that my friend probably won't even notice them, but I will feel better if there's something new and fresh, know what I mean? And it will get them off the blasted 'to do' list!!

But I've procrastinated to the point where I now know what I haven't admitted to myself before... I loathe making cushions. I suspect this is down to the boring nature of the project. Plus I resent the fact that I could be working on my Asymmetric jacket or fulfilling one of the many sewing requests from the kids ;-)

Oh dear, I think I'll have to bribe myself tomorrow night with a big block of chocolate or something!But for now I'll continue to procrastinate and show you the Cali Faye Perri Pullover I made for my big girl's recent 9th birthday...

I wanted a casual top for her that wasn't too young, something stretchy and comfy, and I think this pattern fits the bill.

It came together well, using a medium weight interlock I found at Spotlight. I was going to make her some leggings to go with it but couldn't find any 2 way stretch fabric I liked, so picked up these RTW tights for her, they have a cute metallic thread running through them, but they're a bit tight and I also think either the pullover needs to be a little longer on her or worn with leggings of jeans/trousers.

I enjoyed adding the little touches of the pocket lining and matching tag at the neck (idea pinched from Kelly, thanks Kelly!).

(Apologies for the wrinkly shot above) I really like this top and am now struggling not to go and buy the grown-up version for me ;-)

So how about you - do you have anything you really don't like sewing?


  1. Go on Jo - I've been dreaming of the adult version too. It would look great on you :)

    1. I'd have to break my efforts not to buy any new patterns to do it but I think it would be worth it :-) And I obviously broke it for the kid version, though I justified it to myself by saying it wasn't for me so it was OK!! :-)

  2. Oooh, this is so comfortable and nice! I think the adult version would look great on you, too!

    I hate sewing curtains, cushions, mending ... ugh. BORING! Maybe if the cushions were really complicated and quilted or something ... but then again, maybe not.

    1. Urgh, curtains, yes Inder! I'm coming to realise that I'm not so interested in the practical sewing, even though its what we actually need!! Oh well ;-)

  3. Hi Jo, I've brought the adult version, thought it would look OK over leggings for winter:)


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