Friday, November 7, 2014

Tessuti Alice top

I had one of those rare reactions to seeing a new pattern recently: I wanted to buy and make it immediately! Tessuti's new Alice Top & dress pattern was the culprit.

I made a shameless copycat version, though my fabric is just a plain old cotton (from a thrifted doona/duvet cover) rather than the fine linen of the sample. The drape is not quite as nice but it's the same thin blue and white stripe and I love it :-)

This is my first Tessuti pattern and I enjoyed making it. The instructions were easy to understand and thorough, and the top went together well. I've always loved smock tops (either when pregnant or not!)and this one has a lovely armhole detail too. I made the size small with no alterations apart from shortening it, though in hindsight I think I was a bit over enthusiastic and next time will leave a few more centimetres in length.

I'm thinking this top will be a real workhorse over spring and summer and can definitely see myself making more, though I don't think I'll try the dress, as anything sack-like tends to swamp me and my shapeless legs poking out of the bottom look a bit ridiculous ;-)

But now I really need to get onto sewing some trousers, as I'm sadly lacking! I'm thinking Spit up and Stilettos' Emma Pant (previously known as Sewloft - have you seen their patterns are free now? Such an amazing thing to do), or a woven pair of Hudson Pants... I really should make both, it's getting too hot here for jeans. What's on your list at the moment?


  1. I had the same reaction to this pattern Jo - but haven't got past printing it - today's project shall be taping it together. It looks great on you & I love your 'copycat' fabric
    And thanks for the top re the Sewloft patterns - I have previously downloaded their freebies, but hadn't seen they are all free now

  2. Lovely!! I had the same reaction to this pattern as well - but I've yet to act on the impulse. This top looks fab on you :)

  3. Lovely! Thanks for the review and so glad you like it.

  4. Nice top. have you made up the Thurlow Pants yet? I'm looking at the pattern and thinking about them. Love to see yours before I do anything ;)

  5. OK just checked out those links. Def do the Emma pants ;)


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