Saturday, December 27, 2014

Modified Zippy Top

Hello and happy holidays! I hope you're enjoying the festive season and getting in some sewing/crafting time ;-)

I seem to have a pattern crush on the See Kate Sew Zippy Top at the moment, I've made 3 for myself and 2 for the recent school fete, with plans afoot for 2 more! What I love about it is the simple shape, lovely neckline and sleeves and the scope for adaptation.

This is my latest one, a slighlty more dressy version. I think it's the fabric that really makes this version. Last time I was at mylocal thrift shop a garment caught my eye - I don't tend to shop for clothes at the thrift shop (or anywhere else) these days but I do go looking for fabric to upcycle. The garment was a large kaftan type top from H&M in polyester. My kids say this is my zebra top :-) but I think it looks like a lovely watercolour landscape painting, or something like that. No matter what, I really like it.

I unpicked the existing seams to get maximum area and cut out my pieces as usual. This time I omitted the zip as the fabric is very light weight and delicate and I thought the weight of the zip and facing might pull it out of shape. Also the neckline is wide enough to comfortably go over the head without an opening. I simply turned over the edges of the neckline and armholes twice and sewed a small hem. I wouldn't normally do this as I find it can look messy but in this very sheer fabric and with the busy print it worked fine. I also did my usual length for the hem - I found the crop length too short but the other length too long to be flattering for me so I went in between.

As a decorative element I slightly gathered the shoulder seam and added ties (repurposed from the original top). I really love this type of detail and the extra touch it adds without too much effort.

I really like this version of the pattern. I've worn it with these grey/black jeans but I can also picture it with my favourite black stretch satin cigarette pants for a more dressy evening.

Do you have a pattern crush at the moment? Do tell!


  1. Fantastic repurposing! I picked up a size 24 kaftan-ish/butterfly batik top at the op shop the other day with the same thing in mind...plenty of lovely fabric for stacks less than buying the fabric new.

  2. Ah, so cute! Love the basic shape of this top. Of the things I've made myself, the ones I wear most frequently are basic blouses and t-shirts. I was just wearing my Bess top recently (similar shape but with little shoulder pleats) and thinking I need another one. That and the Eucalypt tank are my favorites for blouses/tops from wovens because they are soft and flowy and don't require a fba - Pattern crush!

  3. This is fab Jo - love the shoulder ties and the fabric.

    My latest pattern crushes (like half of blogland, it seems) are the two latest Tessuti patterns - the Ruby and the Alice...


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