Monday, May 31, 2010

Crochet stories - new

A lovely friend recently gave me the scarf above as a birthday present. I'm in awe of people who are good at buying presents. They always seem to hit the mark, whereas mostly when I have a present to buy I fret about it for a while, buy something I think might work, then decide that it won't but it's too late to change it!

Anyway... the scarf is a beautiful pale grey in colour and made in cotton. It's from a local store but I don't know what the brand is. Though I am personally not a crocheter I admire the design and the contemporary styling. I love seeing different crafts used in contemporary ways, though obviously what is contemporary now is temporary - see tomorrow's post for an example of contemporary in the 70's.

The day my friend gave it to me I tried it on and it instantly lifted my boring jeans, knit top and cardigan combo out of the doldrums and made me feel that bit better for the day, which is what clothes could and should do for you I guess! What is the piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel like that?

* also pictured is my yellow birdy brooch from my favourite accessory designers, the very talented Melbourne based Elk


  1. Excellent taste all round. Am absolutely loving that vintagey, lacy look at the mo...

  2. Oh that scarf is gorgeous, I love a little glam in there with the jeans. What a great pick-me-up.


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