Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crochet stories - old

I think it's a good bet that almost every Australian child of the 70's had one of these crocheted blankets. Mine seems to be a classic example, square in shape and made out of all sorts of bits and pieces of yarn. One of my grandmothers made it for me and having it on my bed is one of my earliest childhood memories.

All these years later I wonder if Nana would be pleased to see that it's made it's way back onto a bed and is being used by my daughters, the great granddaughters she didn't meet. I guess she might say, in her typical joking way "you should throw that old thing out!" but I think she'd be happy.

Seeing it every day makes me think about how we connect with our pasts and those who are no longer with us, but also how craft can foster that connection.

I wonder if anything I make my kids over the years will last the distance, and if it will be a typical style of the 2010's.

Do you have one of these crocheted beauties, or something else crafted for you that reminds you of a loved one?

And what do you think is a signature craft or design of our times?


  1. Congrats Jo on getting your blog happening! Look forward to reading more posts! x

  2. HI Jo. I have one! But mine is hiding in the cupboard at the moment. I might just get it out this weekend. :)

  3. Good on you Deb! Maybe we can get them together at the coast haha!

  4. I have a few blankets that my mum made. When she died, she left a blanket 1/2 finished. My aunt took it and finished it. She wrote me a note to go with it saying it was made by two women who loved me. My aunt is dying of cancer and its now on my kids bed. I often look at it and think about how lovely it is that it brings these two women into our home. (Lovely blog by the way Jo xx)

  5. That's really lovely Leigh. Thanks so much for sharing it. And thanks for stopping by, I love reading yours too xx


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