Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bunny x 3

I love the process of designing something new. Often I don't think to use an existing pattern when I'm sewing, thinking that I can work it out myself (hmm), but this really does take so much time and I don't necessarily achieve what I set out to do without many hours spent, of which there are few when you've got small children. It can also be quite stressful! (I'll post another time about the dolls I made for the girls)

For easter this year I wanted to make the kids a bunny toy each and was starting to think of designs when I came across this lovely pattern by the fabulous Hop Skip Jump. In the interests of speed, consistency and sanity I quickly decided that this was the way to go and bought the pattern. In letting go of the crazy desire to do everything myself I learnt a lot and had fun too. There was certainly creativity involved in choosing the fabrics according to what I thought each child might like, and I embroidered each child's name onto the tummies to personalise them further. And on Easter morning the kids were delighted, so mission accomplished!

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