Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passionfruit passion

Unlike my mum, unfortunately I'm no gardener. But I have high hopes that one day, when the little people are not so little I will have time to learn. One thing I do have a go at though is growing passionfruit. I have fond childhood memories of lying on my trampoline eating the passionfruit we grew, particularly banana passionfruit which grew like a weed (and is now considered one).

Over the last few years I have been on a mission to grow a successful passionfruit vine. The first attempt didn't take. The second fruited in it's second year, then promptly died. This next attempt is going great. It had plenty of the gorgeous flowers and is fruiting like mad, kindly dropping fruit for the kids to excitedly collect every day or two.

As I puzzled over why the fruit weren't turning that beautiful purply-black colour I had a vague memory that I'd planted a Panama Gold variety (figuring maybe a different variety would work better this time?) which turn a pale golden colour when ripe. But, to my dismay, they are very tart even when yellow.

Which is a good excuse to try this simple icecream recipe that Fi blogged about recently. I'd been keen to try it, particularly as it includes no eggs, so my big girl could also eat it, unlike most homemade icecreams which are based on an egg custard base. I left out the vanilla and put in the pulp of 4 passionfruit, though it could easily have taken more.

I also made some passionfruit melting moments from this recipe (no good photos unfortunately - surely a little biscuit shouldn't be that hard to photograph, hmm) and passionfruit icing for a cake using this recipe.

Do you have a favourite recipe using passionfruit?

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  1. Hi Jo, Panama red here are a bit sour now too could be weather conditions. Keep up with your blog I,m enjoying it. Wouldn,t mind the bagel recipe one day if it,s easy. Good luck selling your craft work. Mum.


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