Friday, June 4, 2010

Duds for the little dude

When I was pregnant with number 3 and discovered he was going to be a boy I was a little surprised. I'd heard the stats: people with 2 children of the same sex have 75% chance of having another of the same. And also I couldn't imagine having a boy. I loved having girls and all that entailed. Incidentally, my big girl had been saying "it's a boy mamma" for ages, so when we told her that it was indeed a boy she just shrugged her shoulders in true 4 year old style and said "I knew that". And my other (little) girl would just be glad to have someone smaller than her to play with and boss around!

Now, on a totally superficial level, when thinking about having a little guy in my life I thought that clothing him was going to be boring, if not a total non-event. And what do you sew or craft for boys? Isn't it all functional Bonds gear and spiderman outfits? Not so much call for fairy wings, tutus and dolls. But thankfully the inspiration is coming to me. First a friend made bub a cool little sun hat and t-shirt with ute motif, which he has worn to death. I love them because they're so individual. We were also given a groovy little t-shirt from jackson & kerr.

Then I was excited to recently make him the little cap pictured above from a fabulous pattern by Leila and Ben. It has such cute details. I used a plain corduroy for the outside and some Prints Charming grey and yellow patterned cotton for the lining, which I love (isn't it funny that even though we don't see the lining on the garment much, it somehow lifts the whole design to know you have some lovely fabric inside). Prints Charming design such beautiful fabrics, and it's worth a visit to their Sydney shop if you are in town - very inspiring!

And on the 'to do' list for him is:
• sew a repurposed t-shirt form The 90 minute shirt tutorial (couldn't get the link to work, sorry), with a stencil inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's book Lotta Prints: How to print anything from from Potatoes to Linoleum
• sew some everyday trousers with padded knees in contrasting fabric, maybe this pattern
• make him a dinosaur softie for his upcoming birthday
• make some more pairs of my tried and tested baby slippers before he starts walking - quick!

Now, I'm not kidding myself that I'll get all (or any!) of the sewing projects done, but hey, it's nice to dream :-)

What are your favourite clothes for little guys?

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  1. you MADE that cap?? I've been admiring it for weeks and didn't realise it was a mama-made! Gosh you're clever.


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