Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big girl bag

Back from our trip away (I won't actually call it a 'holiday' - anyone who's travelled with small children knows why ;-)  I thought I'd show you the bag I made for my big girl in one of my late night sewing sessions before we left.
The last one I made her had been lost on a trip to the cinema, so I thought I'd make her another, after plenty of nagging about looking after your possessions blah blah blah of course... You may know that I love making bags so it was a fun project.

She chose the fabric, a piece from my stash of the fab new range from Prints Charming and I did the same shape as my previous kid bags, but used webbing for the strap, making it adjustable, and also adding a little zip pocket inside for her many treasures. Hopefully less bits and pieces will be lost now. Does anyone else have children who collect tons of little things and bits or is it just me? Drives me nuts at times.

I didn't get any decent pics of her using the bag but she did look after it (probably scared of more nagging) and continually looked up at me smiling and said "I love my bag mama", which of course put her in my good books pretty often ;-)

Speaking of kids stuff, are you participating in KCWC this time? If so, what are you planning on making? I'm looking forward to it, all things going well (hoping for no sick/disasters/whatever that will stop me sewing next week. Now to cut down my growing list of what to make...

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  1. LOVE that fabric! It makes such a cute little bag... lucky big girl :)
    How excellent that KCWC is next week! Perfect timing to make more nowhere pants for M :)

  2. what an adorable little bag...great job...

  3. Very cute and 'big girl'ish. She looks very proud. x

  4. Lovely bag. Actually, a bag is on my list of things to sew for next week. But like yours, my list is long, so who knows whether I'll get to it. Oh, and I know what you mean about the holiday :)

  5. That's one funky bag. I'd love it in grown up size!

  6. another great version of this bag Jo! I really must make a couple for my girls. Any chance of a tutorial???

  7. love the bag! i'm scheming right now. hoping for some tee for two's (larger sized pattern coming in the mail) and a picnic blouse from oliver + s.

  8. This is so neat! Love the colors together. I would definitely think it would make a nice camera bag if it had some built in cushion pads in it :)


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