Friday, November 30, 2012

My creative space

In my creative space this week I've mainly been filling orders from my new Neon Lights design.

It was really nice to have some lovely promotion on Monday. First I was featured in Madeit's 'Monday Finds' newsletter and shopping guide. I really like our Australian home grown handmade store. It somehow seems to have a personal feel. And then the lovely Steph from Bondville featured my things in her blog post that day.

When you design and create in an isolated environment where you're not getting feedback (asking the cat what he thinks doesn't seem to work ;-) I find it's easy to wonder if what you're doing is up to scratch and will it be of interest to others? So it's fantastic to get these kind of endorsements. Thanks Madeit and Bondville!

Also in my creative space I've been gathering materials for holiday gift wrapping.

There seems to be a red and natural theme going on.

And I found these gems in my favourite fabric shop The Remnant Warehouse, perfect for making scooter bags for the kids Christmas presents. Think I'll use this tutorial as a basis.

How is your holiday prep going? I'm trying not to panic about all the things on my 'to do' list in the next few weeks and hoping I get around to making at least some of them.

Joining in on my creative space.



  1. Jo your work is gorgeous! I'm off to have a cup of tea and a good potter around your space. Looking forward to following you on your crafty and Mumma-ing journey. Wishing you a grand weekend.
    Steph :)

  2. I'm SO happy for you :) I know what you mean about creating in isolation but it's always a lovely surprise when you make a few sales and then you know your going down the right road :)


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