Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wrist purse

One of the items I made for the big girl's school fete recently was a pile of small purses with wrist straps. I thought they might appeal to both mums and girls so would hopefully sell well. Of course I forgot to take a photo of them (and the other things). But I do have shots of this one as I kept it for myself (sorry school! ;-)

As I was running out the door with the littlies to pick up the big girl from school one day it occurred to me that my sore shoulder could benefit from not carrying my heavy bag containing lots of stuff. And considering that the littles ride often ride their scooters these days it is a very quick trip - with me doing a jog at times to keep up with them :-). So in went my phone, keys and bandaids (plasters) for those inevitable scooter stacks.

I love the little peek of red linen when the purse is opened.

And its such a useful shape and size.

And even leaves my hands free when needed... Pulling along a scooter or two, applying bandaids or taking a turn on a scooter myself.

And the little birdie makes me smile.

Don't you love it when something you kind of haphazardly do turns out to be perfect for your needs.



  1. Very nice Jo. I like that a lot. The school is very lucky to have your help. I too have learnt to carry only the essentials for the walk up to school.

    Sooooo bummed I missed the school fete, i thought of it only the other day and then saw your post that it had passed :(

  2. I love this! What a great fabric print, and you're right - the red peeking out is such a great detail. Hope they sold well at the girls' school!

  3. I love this! Love the bird print and it looks like a great size.

    I have been thinking I need something like this for quick trips. I think I'll have to work on that.

  4. Love it! The birdy is so sweet and it is so practical too!

  5. I love the bird and I agree so often I carry way more than I need for things that really require nothing or hardly anything. Cute, practical and handmade - what more could you want?


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