Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby doll quilt set

Lately I haven't been feeling hugely creative as this 'settling in period' for our family seems to drag on: one kid starting preschool - many tears involved, one starting school - many tantrums involved, and one continuing at school - needing lots of motivation. So with the tiredness, tears and tantrums (sometimes theirs, occasionally mine too), by the time they are actually in bed at night and all the housework is done, I just haven't got enough mentally or physically to start a new project. Even if I really wanted to earlier in the day.

But, I had promised our lovely preschool director late last year that I would make some bedding for the baby dolls in their home corner. And considering that she has been dealing with my crying/screaming son a couple of times a week, sometimes peeling him off me and comforting him til he stopped crying, once even negotiating with him to get out of the car and come inside while I stood on the footpath despairing of what to do next, I decided it would be a nice time to honour my promise and get on with it!

I decided on making a pillow with pillowcase, sheet and quilt set.

They have 4 cute little baby baskets in the home corner so I made one for each in different fabric scraps from my stash (feeling better about the stash when I can use it for useful things like this :-)

Choosing the fabrics was so much fun.

And I should note that I use the term 'quilting' very loosely - I just used some batting between layers and stitched it to the base layer.

And then sewed and hand stitched coordinating bias binding on.

My girls chose this last fabric combo when I'd run out of inspiration and I really like it - always great to get the kids perspective :-)

Joining in with my creative space over here again and wishing you a minimum of tears and tantrums at your house this week!



  1. These look so lovely. I am in the midst of making a doll's bed linen set for my little girl at the moment too... It is her birthday in a few weeks so about time I got them finished :) Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa x

  2. These are so sweet! Your son's teacher sounds like a treasure, and I'm sure will so love these bedding sets!

  3. They are just sooo gorgeous Jo! Lucky home corner dolls will be very cosy :)

  4. Oh Jo, I'm sorry to hear the kids have been having trouble settling in to their new routine. You know the saying - things can only get better :))

    Looove the doll bed sets. The girls have a good eye, that fabric combo is great!

  5. I love the doll bedding! I would have gotten so much use out of something like as a little girl - I remember tucking my dolls under towels, haha.

    Ugh, sorry that school is so tough! We are dealing with our fair share of tantrums and freak-outs around here too. Sigh. The constant conflict is SO EXHAUSTING, right?


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