Thursday, February 7, 2013

Denim addict

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to go past a great roll of denim in a fabric store. You know the one: a good deep blue, dark but not too dark, good drape but still with enough body and perhaps a little stretch.

When I found this recently I immediately thought of this pattern (below) which I am, umm, quite familiar with now. Number 3 is made and being worn regularly, I'm hoping to get a good pic some time soon so I can blog it. Unlike number 2 which I think is a no-go unfortunately :-( I'm thinking a nice denim version with a little ease added (smaller seams maybe?) could work layered with a cardigan and leggings for autumn or a merino wool top, tights and boots for winter. And wouldn't the denim look great with a bright contrasting piping around the neckline, armholes and that great back feature!

But it would also be a great fabric for this one, Grainline studio's Moss skirt. I'm picturing this as a good little workhorse basic with leggings and flats for autumn or tights and boots for winter:

And maybe even this, Victory's Chloe dress (though it may be a little stiff for this pattern):

But also this one, the Sewaholic Thurlow trouser pattern, which I have been coveting since it came out and am surely going to cave in and buy soon (weak-willed, I know!). Especially after seeing this fabulous pair.

Ah denim, you look great in so many guises... So what do you think, which one should I try? Maybe I should just start with one and attempt to make myself a whole denim wardrobe, hee hee!


  1. I do love me some good denim and a denim skirt wouldn't go astray in my wardrobe, it's probably about time i replaced the 10+ years old one i'm still wearing....... But i also like the sound of the deer and doe dress for layering through the too fast approaching autumn/winter months :)

  2. I love denim too! I have a pile of it in my stash - different weights and colors. I mostly use it for kid's clothes, though. Since it's a little too casual for work, I generally only need a couple denim items at most. I wish I could wear it more! I love that trouser pattern!

  3. Ooh, I like the look of the dress pattern - I agree good drapeable denim is hard to find. I have been nominated for a liebster blog award. I was awarded a while ago but thought it was a bit 'dorky' but have been nominated again and am wondering if you would like to accept a nomination from me? I think it's a good way to share some smaller blogs with other readers - but having said that, I'm not sure if your blog has less than 200 readers? Let me know:) suz


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