Thursday, January 31, 2013

Girls harem pants

My lovely friend K showed me some gorgeous harem pants that she'd bought for one of her daughters just before Christmas. I was pretty impressed with them as a great summer alternative to skirts for girls, so when K suggested we take a pattern from them I jumped at the chance.

I made a pair for each of my girls for Christmas, these ones (for little girl) were the most successful. The fabric is a soft cotton poly mix from Spotlight. I thought the retro print would suit my little firecracker :-) who just happens to be starting school tomorrow!

Some little details I enjoyed adding were some little faux ties at the front which I added little bells onto for some jingle, and also the little tag at the back - simple but somehow pleasing!

She's had a lot of wear from these already. Apparently they are good for a bit of boogying, hee hee!
Here's my little sketch in case you're interested in the construction - 2 pieces sewn together (french seams for strength) with elastic at waist and ankles.

I'd quite like some in my size now, just need to find the right fabric...

As usual my creative space is happening over here.



  1. They look fantastic Jo! Love them! They do look super comfy too :)

  2. Just what I was looking for, Jo!
    Can't find the link to your little construction sketch, though...
    Cheers, Nat.

    1. Hi Nat, I've fixed the pic now, I hope it's useful to you. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help. Jo

  3. cute pants! they look so comfortable!!! :)

  4. HI Jo,

    These Harem pants are definitely not your unique creation as Harem pants, actually originated in India.These are usually worn by people of Northern India Hilly region

    I do not see any new looks here.These are similar to what is available in local streets of Indian now.


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