Thursday, January 24, 2013

The batman (AKA 'my mum's a sook') backpack

The next couple of weeks are a bit anxious for me, with my little boy starting preschool for the first time, my little girl starting school for the first time and my big girl going into year 3.

In true form I have been making things. This seems to A: keep me busy so I'm not fretting about them and B: provide a little something of me to carry along with them as they make their way into the world away from me (pass the tissues, please).

So this little backpack was made for my boy to take along to preschool. I bought the Toddler Backpack pattern from Made by Rae and used a piece of Japanese produced Batman fabric. He had chosen the fabric on an outing to my favourite fabric shop quite a while ago. He had been so patient on this particular outing that when he begged me for it I felt I couldn't say no. But it's been languishing in the stash and he keeps asking me "where's my Batman fabric mum?" so I figured it was time to use it.

I love all the cute details in the pattern. Piping is something I've been experimenting with lately anyway so it was nice to have another excuse to do a bit of it. And I loved making the padded straps - so satisfying ;-). In addition to the pattern details I also added elasticised side pockets for his drink bottle and other bits (technique learnt on this bag) and also an inside pocket with Velcro closure.

I lined it with the same fabric I used for the piping. I wanted to use the Batman fabric sparingly so that it didn't overpower the bag design and I'm happy with the balance. I like the look of the sky blue against the chocolate brown and hopefully it has enough little boy appeal without being over the top. My sewing skills are going to be tested on this project - I'm hoping this backpack will last him the 2 years of preschool until he starts big school. We'll see!

And he certainly does love his backpack (phew!). When I gave it to him he was really pleased (be still my heart :-).

I loved this pattern and hope to make more backpacks in future. Of course my big girl asked for one too when she saw it "with birds and hearts on it please mum". Hmm.

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  1. That is very cool. It looks so professional. My 4yo boy would love it!

  2. HOLY COW!!!!! Jo - this is beyond amazing. Your skills are incredible. It is perfect and I know your little one will love it to bits. Best of luck with this time of change. I'll be right there with you for both :)
    Steph x

  3. Love it! I was looking at that pattern myself and toying with the idea of making one for M too... but I ran out of time... I wish I had made one now! It looks fab! :)

  4. Oh Jo, that is amazing! I love the batman print! It's the perfect place to use it.

  5. Very impressive Jo! Looks amazing and good thinking with the side pockets. All set for the year ahead!

  6. Wonderful!!! I felt the same way when Joe started preschool - making him a backpack helped me deal with the "verklempt." And I do love this pattern! Considering making another one for a silent auction I'm planning to donate to ... the Batman fabric is KILLER, btw.

  7. That is brilliant Jo. I totally assumed you'd bought it. I love the detail too, a bit of piping makes all the difference.


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