Thursday, January 17, 2013

Screen printed wet bag

Just before Christmas I printed a length of my lights design in fushia, eggplant and tangerine to make a few little purses for special presents.

I kept a little back for myself and recently made this little wet bag for myself using a fabulous laminated fabric for the lining. This idea came about after yet again discovering the mess in my bag caused by one too many soggy wet wipes, face washers, tissues etc spread throughout - as you'll know if you have littlies, there are plenty of times when these items end up in your bag (or is it just me?!).

Also a friend and I were recently discussing the fact that as we have children still going through toilet training (will it ever end?!!) it's inevitable that there are going to be some wet undies to take home now and then, ahem.

It's been so useful so far (and the laminate so fun to sew!) that its got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities: toiletry bags, make-up purses, baby change mats and anything really where a little waterproofing is helpful. Hopefully these thoughts will magically materialise in the coming weeks ;-)
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  1. Very cute. I have only sewn with the plastic stuff once but was very pleased with myself when it turned out! I certainly have wet stuff that ends up in my bag - wipes, a soggy nectarine pip and water leakage from upside down water bottle!!

    1. That's exactly it Suz! Soggy nectarine pips and water bottle leaks etc... phew, glad it's not just me!!

  2. Gorgeous! And had a water bottle episode today myself!! Wishing you lovely days :) x

  3. That fabric is beautiful!! Love it. Great little wet bag.


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