Monday, April 29, 2013

KWC Japanese pattern pullover parka

Yesterday was the last official day of KWC and I finished off a couple of things that I loved sewing - show you tomorrow :-) And before that I finished this little top for my big girl.

This top was on my initial KCW list (the list changed quite a bit ;-) and is a pattern I've been wanting to try for a while now. In fact I bought the pattern book 'Happy Handmade Home Vol 2' based on how much I loved this little pattern, the 'pullover parka' (pictured here also with her shorts made from the book for the last KCW. Read about them here).
'Pullover parka' from Happy Handmade Home vol 2
My girl is 8 now and I'm finding that I'm looking for patterns that are not too little girlish but also not too teen-looking. She's getting to that tricky age. So I thought this design would be nice for her, and on a practical level a good autumn top to throw on over a t-shirt. I chose this mid weight blue/purple linen from my stash which we both love. Thank goodness the days are gone where everything needs to be pink!!
'Pullover parka' from Happy Handmade Home vol 2
I made a few small changes to the pattern. Firstly I used french seams to finish the edges. See how the hood flops open in the above pic? I hated the thought of seeing ugly overlocking (serging) every time I looked at it, so I did this as a French seam, and once I'd done that, thought I might as well do them all in the same way, and they turned out really well.
The sleeves in the pattern are 3/4 length, and I lengthened them a little for a bit more coverage, and I also added some elastic to them for a pretty look and so she could push them up her arm. I also added elastic to the hem. The pattern called for a string tie but I thought that would annoy her (and me, who would probably end up helping her with it each time (gotta think ahead for easy dressing, I find ;-).
'Pullover parka' from Happy Handmade Home vol 2
Of course the linen was lovely to sew with and presses like a dream. Ahh, I love linen. See how it drapes in the above pic? So pretty, I think.
OK, back tomorrow to show you my other creations. I've so enjoyed this KCW.


  1. That looks great. A nice colour on her too. I have that pattern book but haven't used it... yet. Although I better get cracking since I have such big kids!

  2. Love this! Funny - I also made the hoodie for KCW last week - one for each daughter. I too did elastic in the waist instead of the ribbon - much less fiddly. Love your idea of using french seams for the hood - must try that!

  3. I love linen too. Sews up (and presses) like a dream. Drapes beautifully. This looks like the perfect little pullover for cool summer (or autumn) evenings ...


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