Tuesday, April 30, 2013

KCW bubble shorts

On Sunday night I ended my sewing for KCW by finishing a pair of shorts for each of my girls.

One of my favourite things about KCW is discovering new patterns. I'd been looking for a shorts pattern for the girls over summer, something practical but pretty, with a little detail but not too complicated... but couldn't find anything I really liked. Then the other day I noticed popping up on the Flickr feed Bubble Shorts by Elegance & Elephants (find the pattern here), and it looked perfect :-) It was also available as a downloadable PDF, which I like, and it arrived in a flash - yay!

* After our talk about 'modelling' for pics this week this is what they gave me, hee hee :-) *

Even though we are in autumn and heading for cool weather I thought the girls could wear these year round with the addition of leggings or tights. I love the layered look. Not sure if I could get away with it myself, though I do have the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern sitting in my stash and may investigate ;-)

Once again I used linen from my stash (I seem to have been subconsciously hoarding linen!). I think the pattern lends itself to the unstructured (ie: crumpled) look of linen. I'm also thinking of making some for big girl in a light flannel for winter. I think big girl wasn't convinced about the chocolate brown when I first showed her the fabric. I tried to explain that it is a great base for wearing with other colours and luckily she was happy when they were finished. I think my point about it being more 'grown-up' helped too, as this is obviously a desirable thing when you're 8!!

* photo bombing her sister's pic. Please excuse the school holidays unbrushed hair and general scruffiness :-)

Phew, well with KCW over again for now I enjoyed a bit of time away from the sewing machine last night, but I do have lots of other things I'd love to make for the kids. The poor boy missed out this time and desperately needs pjs, so that should probably by on my list next!

If you were in on KCW I hope you had a good time too. Looking forward to the next one already :-)



  1. oh, these are so great! Linen is perfect for this type of short, and I agree will look fabulous with leggings/tights underneath. Perhaps some pinwale corduroy ones too for the upcoming cooler months? It looks like a great pattern . . . I've been so impressed by all the ones popping up in the KCW Flickr page.

  2. oh i like the pinwale cord suggestion!!

  3. I downloaded this pattern yesterday, yours look awesome! It is nice to see what they look like on older girls, the ones I have been seeing have been mostly on little littles.

  4. Lovely shorts. I have seen the pattern floating about too - It is definitely very cute. Might have to order it over summer:)

  5. These turned out great! I just love them in linen. And your girls are so pretty...perfect little models! Thanks for sharing these in the E&E Flickr group.


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