Saturday, August 24, 2013

Basic Briar


Just a quick post as I know I've raved on and on about how much I like Megan Nielsen's Briar top pattern. I think this is my 6th version (including one for my mum and one that I haven't blogged) and I'm nowhere near sick of this pattern he yet ;-)

I made this longer length version a few weeks ago as a winter basic, out of a navy blue merino wool (on sale from The Fabric Store). For a bit of interest I added shoulder patches (tutorial here on Megan's fab blog) made from some upcycled scraps of  suede that I keep for making soles for my felted slippers. And by the way I haven't had to hand wash this or treat it delicately - the suede washes up really well. Which is what I was hoping for - a garment that needs handwashing in this household is one that doesn't get worn very often!


And speaking of Megan, who probably thinks I'm stalking her, poor woman (hee hee), imagine my surprise when I saw her recent blog post on her latest Briar and it looked very similar to this. Hey, great minds think alike ;-)

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