Monday, August 19, 2013

Taking stock


Hello! It's been such a long time since I posted here that I kind of don't know how to restart. Ironically, when I'm busiest creatively I seem to blog the least. I guess that's to be expected but I've still missed it. And it has been feeling hard to get a post done too - no time to take pics, edit them, write etc... so I thought I'd join Pip and try something different to get back into it :-). Here we go...

Making : 4th birthday party stuff & Book Week costumes
Cooking : orange cake for a lovely friend's birthday
Drinking : red wine
Reading: The Inconvenient Child by Sharyn Killens
Wanting: More time to sew (what's new ;-)
Looking: at nature with the kids
Playing: Lego
Wasting: some food scraps: too much for our compost heap :-(
Sewing: Red Riding Hood costume
Wishing: I could get my stash down a bit
Enjoying: a burst of cooking inspiration
Waiting: for everyone in the house to get well again after a bout of colds & tummy bugs
Liking: dreaming of my next sewing project
Wondering: if I should try to get more organised with my sewing (probably)
Loving: watching my kids play
Hoping: my scratchy throat won't develop into more
Marvelling: at the colours of spring flowers (in winter)
Needing: to get to bed earlier, as always
Smelling: carrots roasting
Wearing: one of the growing number of Briars and my new Fly boots
Following: some inspirational Instagrammers
Noticing: this post on sewing and getting so much from it
Knowing: if I keep trying hard I can be more patient with my kids
Thinking: about the trials and wonders of motherhood
Feeling: like I want to fix everything for them
Bookmarking: kids clothes patterns/ideas
Opening: my very welcome subscription to Inside Out magazine
Giggling: about my crazy 8 year old's sense of humour
Feeling: OK

Have you tried taking stock?


  1. Lovely to read all your news Jo. Hold onto that stash - we're organising a swap! x

  2. Hello! Nice stock there. LOVE that bunting in the picture!


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