Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mission maxi

The weather around the world has been particularly crazy lately, don't you think? Some days we are sweating it out here in Australia in 40c + (while you guys in the northern hemisphere are freezing your a's off in ice and snow). But then we get a cool snap and boom, the temperature is half of what it was just days before! So this year I haven't done my usual packing away of cardigans etc, because you just don't know what's around the corner.

One gap in my wradrobe that I'd identified at the start of summer was definitely very hot weather appropriate clothing, and particularly dresses, and if sometimes they could hide my not so summer ready legs then that would be good too :-) Hence I thought I'd give the famous and much-loved Jamie Christina Mission Maxi a go.

I used a cheap ($3 per metre) fine striped jersey as a trial. It sewed up well but when I'd finished I thought the shape was extremely bluuurgh on me. It looked like a nightie and went straight into the UFO pile :-( After all the examples I'd seen around I knew there'd be a danger of it feeling like a nightie, but I thought if I chose a fabric with the right drape and also belted it with my wide belt it would be OK. No. The belt just looked disjoinetd and cut me into 2 weird shapes. Hard to explain but not a great look.

So I promised myself to get it out one day and chop it into a singlet top. But then we hit one of those 40c+ days a couple of weeks later and I was desperate and thought I'd give it a try. With a few little adjustments I found it sat much better - I took the seam at the waist in carefully: too much and it was too squishy, not too little or it was too baggy and nightie-ish. And the addition of a big neclace, rather than a belt, helped to break it up.

I do like it now, and it doesn't feel so much like a nightie, but I've got to be in the mood to wear it... in all the reviews I read about this pattern I don't think anyone mentioned how careful you have to be with your underwear when you wear this one. Firstly I needed a racer back bra, which I don't own, so I bought one of these little gadgets and twisted myself up like a contortionist trying to get it on to the one bra that it fits onto. Then for the bottom half I only have one pair of undies that are sleek enough to not be seen under this. I have enough lumps and bumps around the hip area to not want to be adding more. And then I always feel I have to stand up straight, and suck my tummy in to feel I look OK in this... not the most relaxing dress to wear, though it looks like it should be!!

Maybe a darker/more drapey fabric would work better for this pattern. And I really like the godet and halter neck versions (though what bra could I wear for that!!). I'd like to try them one day, but at the moment I'm not inspired. Phew, it all feels a bit hard at the moment when I was hoping it would be easy. Oh well!

- - - -

Pattern Mission Maxi
Size 6 bust graded to 8 hips, with adjustments as above
Fabric Striped cotton mix jersey

Necklace self-made felt balls strung onto hemp thread

Hat Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat

- - - -


  1. I have made a couple of these and I love them....but I *always* wear a shirt on top of it, or sweater or whatever. Because yeah, lumps and bumps. But I even wear them in the winter with sweaters and leggings underneath and boots. So even thought they aren't great (for me) to wear alone, they are one of my favorite things. You look really good in yours though!

  2. I think you did a really great job with this dress, beautifully sewn. Not that I think you need them at all, but you can buy those special, firm high-waisted undies for not too much at all and they are great at sucking it all in without showing seamlines. Again, you really don't look like you need them though! I think these dresses are great for layering, particularly on cooler days. Nice job!

  3. This looks great! I hear you on the undies though - everytime I see a style like this, I immediately start thinking about what type of bra would go, whether it would be too revealing, VPL, etc. I agree that Spanx type undies would work, but talk about uncomfortable on a super hot day! Shudder.


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