Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another moss mini

Gee I love the Moss Mini pattern! Here's no. 2 and I'm aleady dreaming of 3 and 4 ... I'm thinking of one in a silver coated denim I've been drooling over (like the fabulous one from Funkbunny and also this beauty from Sallie Oh) with lots of top stitching to rough it up. And then one in a piece of hand screen printed heavy cotton by a fab local company. Anyway, back to number 2...

Made up in the original grey cotton drill I had in mind before getting waylayed with the horsey in number 1, number 2 is a basic wardrobe staple, already worn several times. I figured it would work well with patterned or detailed tops, like the Wiksten tank above.

I did a bit more top stitching on this one than the last just to bring up the texture a bit. And I considered adding back pockets for more texture but decided against it - maybe something for the future. I also think it would look good with rivets or some sort of simple hardware. I almost wanted to go a sort of cargo skirt look but then decided to keep it simple.

As with my first version I took a bit out of the back seam and side seams at the waist, tapering to the hips. And after my admission of not being a particularly neat finisher last time I think this one came up OK, and I'm not so embarrased to show you the inside this time :-) And those zip flies get easier with each one I do, which makes the whole process more enjoyable and quicker!

And here's the skirt with a plain top, which I still think works OK, though I do feel a bit elephant-like in all that grey, hee hee!

A huge bonus about this pattern is that it is very economical with fabric, which I think is why I keep thinking "that would make a good Moss Mini!" when I see an interesting piece of fabric, even if it isn't large.

- - - -

Pattern Grainline Studio Moss Mini
Size 6
Fabric Cotton drill (mid weight) from Spotlight

Top (top pic) Wiksten tank
- - - -

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  1. Love them both (but think I'm partial to the horses!). Love the pop of colour that the pocket linings give too! I've got this pattern & it's definitely in my near future :)


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