Friday, May 1, 2015

Me Made May pledge and another zippy top

Hi, long time no see :-(. I really do enjoy maintaining my blog - now if only I could get all of those blog posts that I compose in my head out and into this format without any further effort that would be great! I'd be almost a daily blogger, ha ha!!

Anyway... I have been looking forward to Me Made May this year, and thinking that I could probably allllmost do a full me-made pledge, that is all me-made except for underwear and shoes, buuut... that would have meant taking a deep breath and trying my first pair of jeans - which is still on the cards but hasn't happened quite yet. So...

I, Jo, sign up for Me Made May 2015 with the goal of wearing at least one item of Me-Made 5 days a week and 2 days a week wearing all Me-Made (excluding underwear and shoes). Repeats are allowed, and I must add at least one pair of Me-Made trousers to my wardrobe over the month.

What I love about MMM is that it helps me identify gaps in my me-made wardrobe and encourages me to wear what I have.

And as an aside, here's a pic of one of my many un-blogged garments - another simple Zippy Top.

Are you doing MMM? Any new projects on the cards? Do you make jeans? Do tell!
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