Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merino top with thumbholes

I've been wanting to make a top with thumbholes for a while now, so when one of my much loved basic wool tops died recently (I started to get embarrassed at all the holes ;-), I got out the fine black merino wool from my stash and decided to try to make one of these wardrobe basics that are so useful. And why not add some thumbholes at the same time?


I used the basic t-shirt pattern that I'd drafted a while ago, made it a bit more loose fitting, with a boat neck (seems to be most flattering on me), wide cuffs and a wide loose waist band to match cuffs. For the thumbholes, after consulting Mr Google, I opened up a gap in the cuff seam big enough for thumbs with my trusty seam-ripper and then sewed around it to reinforce it.

There's a fair bit of wonk in this garment, and it's given me a new appreciation of proper finishes on knit fabrics (as opposed to mine!), but hopefully I can look past the imperfections and it will be a useful basic.

- - - - - -

OK, my wardrobe's been restocked with all the sewing I've been doing for myself, time to move on to other things now... after I attempt this gorgeous knitted neckpiece, that is! The very talented designer, Kirsten from Assemblage, has such beautiful style and is a fellow lover of thumbholes! Wish me luck, my knitting is basic to say the least but I'm willing to sit with Youtube beside me on the computer as I try to work it out because I love it so much ;-)


  1. I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I've enjoyed all the sewing you've been doing. I'm interested how you went with this top as knits always daunt me, woollen knits even more so. Your top looks great , as does Kirsten's and I am feeling very inspired so thanks for that.

  2. Yah. Nice top. G would love the thumb holes.

  3. Love that top... I want thumb holes now as I am always pulling my sleeves over my hands to keep them warm!
    I re-learnt how to knit with my dear friend google and youtube :) And I really like the tutorials from Drops Designs...

    Happy knitting :)

  4. Thanks girls!

    Tracy - Hi! Nice to meet you ;-) So nice to hear you're inspired, I get so much inspiration from others online and it's nice to be able to inspire someone myself. Regarding the knits, I'd get some cheapish fabric and just experiment if I was you. Even though we're all a bit daunted by knits at first they're also a lot of fun and not as hard as they seem. I'll email you some more info on this project.

    Lamina - Thanks for the link! I'll have to get you to give me a pep talk if I'm struggling ;-)


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