Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cloud print big boy sleep shorts

After having fun trying out my vegetable prints last week I ended up doing a completely different carved stamp print for my project. But a bit of back story first...

It was the Mr's birthday last week, and as often is the case, I was stumped as to what to give him. In the end I took a deep breath and decided to make him something. I sew for the kids, I sew a lot for myself, I've sewn for friends and for my mum in the fairly recent past, but there's something I find daunting about the thought of sewing for the big boy.

I pondered making him a t-shirt, or maybe a Negroni Shirt but settled on a pair of sleep shorts (less need for accuracy!). I cut a pattern from an existing pair, then made them up in a soft grey jersey. I tried for the first time an exposed elastic and it worked well. (I love how every single sewing project I do teaches me something!)

From the time I'd dreamed up this project in my head I'd always pictured them with a cloud print running around the base. I'm not sure where that came from, possibly all the rain we had last week! But then I started thinking maybe it was too kiddy, or feminine, or this, or that... So, as is often the case in creative matters, I went around and around and then came back to my initial idea. Just go with your gut instincts, I tell myself! And it will all be OK... or at least the recipient will love them because they're made with love ;-)

Plenty of creativity on display over here.


  1. I am quite liking these sleep shorts and clouds always remind my of big cushiony mattresses just waiting to be laid upon.

  2. They look really great.. love the clouds :) I so want to make some stamps myself!

    I always feel a little guilty as I'm always making things for everyone else and rarely anything for Chris... Blokes are hard to make for I think and I am sure chris is happy I haven't crochet a pair of short for him :)

  3. they are excellent!! my mr had his birthday this week and i was completely out of ideas ~ the first year this has happened.
    hope he loved them :)

  4. nothing quite like your own tailored pj's - very comfy - B x

  5. what a marvelous project .. clouds are always so soothing


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