Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend craftiness

After falling in love with the Sev[en] Circle recently I spent far too much time researching it and daydreaming about it, and finally yesterday got my act together and bought supplies for it.

They're not great, but they'll do. Very average yarn and not quite up to scratch needles (blast that Spotlight, I wanted the pretty metal ones!), but if I'd not taken this step I'd still be daydreaming - sometimes I just have to push myself to actually start... then it's all OK - know what I mean?

So after starting (this pic), I couldn't stop and went to bed way too late last night but happily got the first ring done!

The pattern is not feeling so much like another language to me now that I've tried all the stitches and it's starting to take shape. I wanted to do this as my second proper knitting project (remember the first one?) because:
A. I love the design
B. I thought I would learn a lot on the journey
C. It's such an organic shape that I thought any mistakes would be less likely to show

So far all three are happening. Can't wait to see how it grows ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Knitting is totally addictive...I know... I have trouble going to bed on time too ** shakes fist at knitting** :s
    Great's going to look excellent!!


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