Monday, August 29, 2011

Prints Charming screen printing workshop

Pic: Prints Charming

On the weekend I finally got around to doing something I'd been wanting to do for ages - a workshop on screen printing held by Prints Charming. I've been a fan of theirs or several years and have happily used their fabrics on some favourite projects like this dress.

At the workshop I enjoyed the whole process of printing, which I hadn't done since school and uni days. Cath and Kirsten teach the paper cut method, which is easy enough to pick up, and I guess you can just read about it - there's a chapter on it in their book, but I find there's nothing like being there in the flesh to partake and ask a squillion questions in the process!

As the purpose of the workshop was to learn the technique, as opposed to focussing on design, I stuck to something very simple and resurrected the little cloud design that I've been block printing lately, seen here and here. My technique was a bit rough, but nothing a bit of practice wouldn't iron out. Cath & Kirsten gave tips on everything from technique to where to buy supplies.

Another aspect of the workshop that I really enjoyed was hearing about how Cath & Kirsten started their business, their backgrounds in textile design, finding a market for fabric etc. I love hearing stories of creative businesses and partnerships. All good food for thought and I had a fabulous time!

Even though it was just a practice piece, I'm still looking forward to using my little fabric square. I'd settled on making a book bag from it but then my little girl came along with a request: "Can you make me a dress with the clouds, mama? Pleeeeease". We'll see!


  1. YAY!!! That's just fantastic that you enjoyed it.. it's just too much fun hey! I love the little cloud design... it looks so sweet and would look gorgeous as a little dress!
    Can't wait to see what you get up to with this new adventure :)

  2. Thanks Lamina! No doubt I'll be picking your brains on everything to do with screen printing in future ;-)

  3. Totally agree that learning 'in person' is so much more rewarding than by book alone. The little pink cloud finishes your piece perfectly. Hmmm bag or dress......

  4. i would LOVE to learn how to screen print. I think your clouds look fabulous. xx

  5. Good to hear that you enjoyed the task, Jo. Having the final output is really an indescribable feeling. It’s really frustrating at first, but after several tries, I’m now earning some profits from it.

    Clint @Franchise Match


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