Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Harriet's teddy

I have my friend Lamina to thank for my latest craft obsession - little knitted toys. Her post about making gifts for friends had me going straight to the pattern she'd used for her cute bunny and thinking about whether my fledgling knitting skills were up to it.

Technical doubts aside I couldn't help myself and decided to dive in with some scraps of yarn I had lying around and the kneedles I'd used for my sev[en] circle. When my little girl asked me what I was knitting I quickly thought and told her it was a little teddy for Harriet, the doll I made her a couple of years ago (a little on Harriet here). I thought it was safest to say it was for Harriet as: A. if it turned out dodgy (almost guaranteed to) it wouldn't matter and B. it would reduce the "Where's mine? Why is it for her/him and not me?" factor that's always a possibility.

Something amuses me about a soft toy having a knitted teddy (hee hee), and I enjoy setting Harriet & teddy up in amusing (to me) situations.

Those other than Harriet have taken to little teddy too so I will definitely be feeding my obsession and knitting at least 3 more.


  1. Too cute! A teddy for a teddy!

  2. awwww... little teddy is just TOO cute :) They are so much fun to knit and quick too hey! I love making them!

    I love the photo set up with harriet... so sweet that she has a little teddy to cuddle... LOVE it!!

  3. Cute as! Every doll needs a teddy...


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