Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A product of my mother guilt

Or maybe 'mother anxiety' is a better term...

My little girl was booked in to have her adenoids out yesterday, and it was also the first day of school for the big girl, another anxiety raising situation. So the Mr and I had decided that he should take the day off work and take the littlie to the hospital, while I'd do the school start. Which sounded fine until a couple of days before when I suddenly felt overcome by a feeling that I should be there. Even though it's a very small, routine operation, and she'd be home in a matter of hours, the thought of my baby going through it without me made me feel quite sick. When the idea of making her a new nightie to wear to theatre came to me, it suddenly made me feel a little better, like I'd be there with her in some small way.

I'd been told she'd be allowed to take a toy into theatre with her, so Harriet, the doll I made for her 2nd birthday, also got a new matching nightie.

I used a stretch fabric from my stash, made a simple pattern from an existing nightie and added some pink ribbing for the bands and a little apple pocket for a touch of detail. Harriet didn't get as much detail - I found it challenging enough just sewing the tiny garment without trying to add extra bits. I take my hat off to people who make doll clothes!

The Mr reports that the nightie was worn (and thrown up on - poor little poppet!), and Harriet was taken into theatre. My girl is fighting fit again now and will hopefully breathe and sleep better now. And this mama used some sewing therapy to make things just a little easier :-)


  1. what a sweet idea Jo, comforting I'm sure just as much for your daughter as for you. Glad to hear the op went well and she's all recovered. Here's hoping for a good night's sleep!

    How did your big girl's first day go?

  2. I can understand! Glad she is home and back in your arms!

  3. That would have been so hard not being there with her!! Glad it all went well :)
    Love the nighty and matching mini one... very cute!!

  4. oh my goodness! that pocket is amazing! so tiny and secret.


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