Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hooray for Etsy!

You may remember that I recently became aware of the 'Built by Wendy' pattern Simplicity 3835. Yes, in sewing terms, I must have been living under a rock to have not seen it before - it seems to have been incredibly popular with sewing bloggers particularly - I think it may have become popular before my blog viewing days. There are some lovely versions here, and as usual, I would probably not have looked twice at the pattern from the images on the front - it's what people have done with it that's impressive.

Anyway... it's out of print, and trying not to spend a small fortune by buying in from the Simplicity site for $35, I finally tracked down a copy on the wonderful Etsy for much much less. Hooray! And thank you, Kristi from Eau de bean, for your helpful, friendly service.

It arrived yesterday and I excitedly looked through my stash for some suitable fabric to try the top out. I'm trying hard not to buy anything new until I reduce it a bit (ha haa!). Here are a few possibilities:

A leftover piece of the fabric I used for my dress late last year - I'd probably have to add a band onto the bottom as there's not quite enough.

This floral, earlier rejected by my big girl as 'not pretty'.

Or this crazy 70's (?) print. Hmm, not sure if I could carry that one off!


  1. Glad you found your pattern :)
    Wow.. Love the 70's (ish) fabric.. it's pretty wild!!

  2. LOL I left a comment on your original post about looking for this pattern, I found your blog because I too was looking for the pattern, I got one through etsy as well. Here in the UK when simplicity withdraw a pattern the stockists are required to destroy all the printed paper and return the envelopes to simplicity....... bit draconian eh!
    I love that middle floral pattern in the purples, happy making.


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