Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another artichoke on linen

Sometimes, after I come up with a new design for something, I get tired of it quickly and move onto the next thing. I does drive me mad to a point, always having creative itchy feet, but I guess if I do move on quickly it possibly just means that a design isn't really working. Sometimes I rework it until it does work, other times it just dies a natural death.

My artichoke design is one that I am enjoying. One of the latest things I've done with it is to make an apron and tea towel set as a gift for another friend's 40th birthday (yes, they're 'dropping like flies'!).

I love using different tones of one colour and here I've mixed up 2 different greens in fabric paint and printed them in horizontal rows as a border print.

For the apron I used the simple apron style like this one, using a ribbon for the ties.

And for my cookery loving friend I added in a new wooden spoon to complete the parcel.


  1. Beautiful Jo. An impressive present. I love the artichoke motif, and the tone on tone

  2. It's a really cute little design.. love the two colours :)


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