Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Shearwater Kaftan

I've been mostly doing 'sewing for me' lately - sorry kids! Each time I finish something I think of something else I'd like to make. The other day I realised I was wearing a full outfit (2 pieces) that I'd made myself and it kind of amused me, just like it does when I wear a full op shop outfit. I think the feeling of resourcefulness is satisfying, and not something that I get elsewhere as I don't work outside of the home these days. Hmm, anyway...

Here's the finished Shearwater Kaftan that I blogged about in 'my creative space' last week. I love how each one I've made has it's own individual look.

I read a not so favourable review of the pattern on a blog a while ago that I thought was a bit unfair. The person said she had to alter some measurements, but hey, we're not all made with cookie cutters! And she felt it was not of the calibre of a tailored shirt pattern and obviously designed for beginners. But I think she missed the point, as it's meant to be an unstructured cover-up for the beach or whatever (though I wear it for everyday wear!). Sure it's pretty quick and easy to make, but that doesn't mean it's inferior, in fact it's a positive to me when I'm trying to fit in a bit of time here and there in the evenings. So on the instant gratification scale it's pretty high up there!

Each time I've made this I've altered a few things, which I would on most patterns. This time I did French seams (I think that's what they're called?) for most of the seams so that when the sleeves are rolled up they look nice.

And as usual I did my extremely rough buttonholes by hand. My sewing machine doesn't have a buttonhole feature (it's an oldie passed down from my Granma) so I just muddle my way through with a needle and thread until the hole that I've cut is bound, and it works OK. Wouldn't want to do a tailored shirt that way though ;-)

- - - - - - - -

On an unrelated note, I got to wear socks today - oh the novelty of it! Finally the heat has dropped off a bit and it's a weird feeling to cover my feet again for the first time in ages, which I know must seem worlds away to you Northern hemisphere dwellers at the moment. Now to stop myself from dreaming of all the winter clothes I'd like to make...

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  1. That's a damn fine hand-sewn button hole!! I love this shirt. Looks fab. xxx


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