Thursday, February 17, 2011

My creative space

I'm playing along with Kootoyou's Thursday 'My Creative Space' this week. Lots more creativity over there to check out.

Squeezing in a little sewing when I could today, I started making another Shearwater kaftan. I find the design perfect for this weather - the sun is often very strong and it's the hottest part of the day when the littlies and I walk to pick up the big girl from school. Sleeves are needed as protection but I can't stand anything thick. So this style of shirt, a skirt and a wide brimmed hat (more on that later) provide pretty good protection. I think this will be the fourth one I've made (one here and another here), each with some little details that make them different to the others (apart from the fabric).

I got this printed soft voile at the sale of this shop. Damn the sale, I'm meant to be stash busting, not re-stocking! But at $9 per metre I thought it was a steal, and $9 for a new shirt is great, right?!

Also I guess on the creative front I made a dinner tonight that I was actually a bit enthusiastic about. Normally I love cooking, and even when the daily grind gets me down a bit I can still muster up a bit of enthusiasm, but not lately. Maybe it's the heat? It's hard to have an appetite with this weather. But I had a packet of soba noodles in the cupboard and inspired by a few things I've seen lately, like this salad over at ecoMILF, I thought I'd build the meal around it. I added some tofu and also cooked some fresh salmon for the kids and the Mr. It turned out well so I'll make sure I always have a packet in the cupboard from now on.

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  1. I loved what you did with the skirt several posts back - I don't always get a chance to comment "mum, show me TRAIN TRACKS" happens a lot when I'm caught at the computer... but I thought it was a great fabric save.

    When I read this post I had to confess how incredibly blessed we are here in Auckland with fabric shops. Because I bought exactly the same cotton voile from Nicks (which is the outlet store for the Fabric store) for NZ $4 a metre - which with the Australian dollar running so high - is probably around $3.

    Oh the smuggery!

    I am also supposed to be using us stash. I am also buying new fabric. I hate having stash, but tis easier to buy than to make up.


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