Monday, September 13, 2010


When I was little I remember mum making she and I matching strapless sundresses. The fabric was a lightweight cotton with a large red and white rose print. There was elastic at the top and waist, the hem was just below the knee and there were splits up the sides. They obviously made a big impression on me. Skip forward probably about 30 years and I'm making my first matching (kinda) outfit with one of my girls.

My girl asked for a 'pretty top' when she saw her sister's the other day, saying that they needed matching tops to go to dinner in when we're on holiday - and how could I refuse that request :-). She was fascinated with the gathering and asked me how to do it (a little fellow sewist in the making maybe?). But I was out of the 'lala' fabric, and while I would have loved to whip out for some japanese echino double gauze, unfortunately something from the stash would have to do. She chose this lovely orange and red graphic print voile that I got from my favourite fabric shop a while ago. It is so soft that I knew it would work well on the floaty 'Ruffle top'.

I'd used the fabric earlier in the year to make a 'Shearwater Kaftan' from Make It Perfect, and loved the kaftan so much that I bought more fabric with a view to adapting the pattern to a dress and maybe cutting it on the bias to further the drapey quality.

So now she can take her pick and match her sister or me :-)

Ok, back to my packing!

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