Friday, September 24, 2010

Frustrations & forgetfulness

Day 4 of kcwc didn't go too well for me. I wanted to make a girl's dress in knit fabric and found a pattern I thought would work but I just was not happy with it at all. The construction went together well but the style just seemed all wrong... so in day 5 I've been pulling it apart and trying new things to get it to at least be wearable (hopefully show you tomorrow). The big girl thinks it's fine, but I couldn't take cringing every time she wears it! Of course I had to jump in and use one of my favourite pieces of fabric from my stash, instead of some boring thing to test it on first, which makes it even worse... ah... more speed, less haste.

Not to worry. I did finally finish off this cuff though. It's a present for a friend who's birthday I missed :-(

I used some of the fabric I got from Cloth a while ago and backed it with a lovely piece of orange wool felt. At the last minute I felt inspired to sew on a little birdy, which worked out as I wanted it to and was fun to do. I hope my friend likes it. Fingers crossed.


  1. Great cuff! Day 4 sounded like a bit of a shocker all round? (Bet the dress is not at all cringy) xxx

  2. Yes, I think the general tone of the day didn't help my sewing! A bit like when I try to cook and I'm grumpy - nothing turns out! :-)


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