Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday sewing over! Now for the holiday...

Phew... holiday sewing was officially over yesterday at lunchtime, and I've got to say I was glad to pack it all away! I did end up spending a few too many late nights sewing when I probably should have been doing other stuff... fun stuff like cleaning. But I really enjoyed it and I'm sure my sewing skills have improved. I learnt a lot from the patterns I made and it's given me confidence to do some things I thought I couldn't. Ican't wait to do some more - after a break!

Here's the list and what we ended up with:

For the big girl:
- 'Sophie tunic' kaftan to cover up from the sun yes
- messenger bag to carry her things on our adventures yes
- a pair of shorts "Can I have shorts please Mama? Shorts, a shirt and a bag". OK then. Does anyone have any ideas for girls shorts? She has been obsessed with skirts and dresses for so long that this has thrown me! no. improvised by cutting the legs off an old pair of jeans and hemming them with some spotty fabric
- ruffle top

For the little girl:
- ruffle top yes, too cute!
- popover dress "I want butterflies Mama, and spiders" Hmm, will have to see if I can find a fabric with butterflies and spiders - wish me luck! no, didn't get this done, sorry little girl, maybe for summer. I did find lots of pretty things to take in the girls clothes stash though :-)
- messenger bag yes

For the baby:
he doesn't really need anything but can't be left out, so:
- a sun hat no, we'll use the lovely one that Crafty Deb made him
- shorts/trousers monkey pants made - my new favourite!

plus a hat and a beach bag

- - - - - - -


Coincidentally, Elsie Marley is having another Kids Clothing Week Challenge starting very soon. I'm really keen to give it a go after my own little challenge, but this time to share with the KCWC community. Would you like to join me? Come on, you know you want to!

OK, we're off now for the much needed holiday! I'm hoping for lots of playing with the kids, swimming, playing games, reading, and a bit of relaxing too. I'll be back here some time next week :-)


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  2. Wow Jo, you have been busy! And it definately looks well worth it. You have produced some lovely garments. Happy holiday!

  3. Hi Jo, lovely items you've created.
    I have featured your cute Teddy that I purchased in my recent blog post at www.possandwom.com hope you like it.
    Have a nice holiday.
    Helen from Poss & Wom


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