Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Something I love about having a blog and being an Etsy storeholder is 'meeting' lovely people along the way.

It's particularly nice to connect with other mums trying to channel their creativity into something to help out their families along the way. Helen from Poss&Wom sells her gorgeous prints for children's rooms on Etsy and Madeit and also has a lovely website. Her illustrations have so much character and a real feeling of joy and wonder about them, which I think is great for children.

Helen recently bought two of my sleepy teddies and gave me some lovely feedback after receiving them. Although I know I should just get on with doing what I do, having positive feedback like that really is fantastic and makes the sometimes late nights and unsure moments all worth it.

Then there are other nice things, like Jen making one of my recipes, Fi following my sewing tip and thinking I'm clever (shh, don't tell her otherwise ;-) and also the map below that tells me that people from different places have joined me in my little world for a time.

Thank you everyone!

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