Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adventuring bags

The girls are both so excited about going on holiday. I wanted to make them a messenger style bag each that they could take onto the plane, and then on our adventures, with any little things they'd like to bring. So far the suggestions have been food and toys. Sounds good to me!

I made each bag with heavy cotton, lined them and added a flap at the front and velcro closing so that it's easy for little hands. No buckles or other fancy things, but hopefully these will do the trick.

And inspiring me today are these very healthy, strong weeds that we saw on the walk home from school. If only the things I plant would grow so well! I love the simplicity of their design. I'm so desperate to get a digital SLR with a great macro lense as I love doing close-up shots. Did you know that Flowerpress has a great couple of posts on photography? They're worth checking out.

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