Monday, September 6, 2010

Three little bears

On the weekend I finished off 2 little bears - one stuffed and the other a 'heat pack' - for a customer. I also decided to also make another one for my boy, who lost his own 'diddy' recently. I embroidered his name onto the little felt heart, not that it will stop this one getting lost too!

I also went to the Prints Charming sale on Saturday, looking for a scrap bag and some of their hand printed fabric. I arrived at 11.30, only 2 hours after it had started, and almost everything was gone! They obviously have a loyal following of fans. I still found a couple of treasures though...

A length of grassy green jersey printed with one of my favourite designs of theirs will do nicely for the trousers for my boy (and possibly a t-shirt or two later on). I'm going to try some 'monkey pants' which I find so cute on littlies.

The other fabric is a discounted metre of one of their classic designs on cotton in quite girly colours. It would make a lovely trim for a dress or one of the 'Sophie tunic's.

I hope you had a great weekend.

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