Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monkey pants!

Finally a bit of tangible progress in the holiday sewing! But the thing I'm a little bit proud of with these pants is that I've started to overcome my reluctance to sew with knitted fabrics. As I really wanted to see if I could make a pair of these I sat down with my overlocker (serger) last night and tinkered and adjusted it for about half an hour of precious children-in-bed time until it was sewing pretty well. My overlocker and I have not been getting along that well in recent times but I must take all the blame - all that neglect and need for instant gratification has taken its toll! Crafty Deb suggested that I change needles (hmm, good point), I rethreaded it and adjusted the tension, and actually read the manual! And what a revelation - it actually works!! OK, so lesson no. 1 - taking time to do something right works (duh!).

I was going to use a pattern for the pants and found this one, which looked great, and was certainly affordable, but I looked at a pair we already had and decided surely I could take a pattern from them - and it worked! So now I'm addicted to these cute little toddler pants and want to make lots more. Maybe I'll have one 'monkey pants evening' before moving on with the holiday sewing.

I used a bit of green knitted fabric I had in the stash and the Prints Charming print from the weekend as the accent on the bum and leg trim (so I didn't waste it if I stuffed it up). Next I think I'll do the reverse, and then maybe make some from this cute birdy print I got from Spotlight a while ago. It looks a bit like pyjama fabric, but when you're one who cares if your mama makes you wear your pyjamas in the daytime, right? :-)


  1. gosh I LOVE that blue birdy fabric!! I've never seen that one in all my Spotlight trawls - it's gorgeous! And I LOVE the monkey pants. Too cute.

  2. I've enjoyed looking at this website today. You have a lot of sewing ideas. Your website is cute and well made. :)


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