Thursday, February 24, 2011

My creative space

I'm playing along with Kootoyou's Thursday 'My Creative Space' this week. Lots more creativity over there to check out.

Feeding my new print addiction, today I stole a bit of time while no. 2 was at preschool and no.3 was having his nap (no.1 at school) to print some more tea towels. Next up I'm hoping to try a table runner in a mix of linen, burlap from a coffee sack, printing and stitching.

Hmm... now if only I could get my ideas to pop out of my head and materialise without having to spend lots of time on them! Still, I'm trying to teach myself to slow down and to enjoy the journey as much as the end point :-) It's just that when new ideas pop into my head I want to make them. Do you feel that way too? Or are you the patient and meticulous type who finishes one project properly before starting another (in which case I'm extremely jealous and want to know your secret ;-)


  1. I love a good morning of printing!

  2. Oh gorgeous green print. Wish I could see more of it! :) I am also in need slowing down and savouring the process...thankyou for the reminder :)

  3. I'm definitely like you - multiple projects on the keeps things interesting :-P. I think this stamp design is just lovely, and the green is wonderful.

  4. I have too many projects on the go too! Some I forget all about till I randomly find them again while looking for other things! ;)
    What kind of dye do you use to stamp your fabric? I'd love to give it a go this year.

  5. Hi Seaweed and Raine

    I've been using ordinary fabric paint from art shops or craft stores and making a stamp pad using a great tutorial from here, I'd highly recommend it, as Jesse has lots of little tips to help out:

    Hope that helps.


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