Friday, December 17, 2010


For anyone wondering how the dress I made for my brother's wedding turned out, here are a few pics. I didn't get any pics of myself in it at the wedding (the afternoon itself was pretty crazy with all 3 kids running around), so these are taken back at home by my 5 year old :-)

It's a simple sort of asian style that I thought needed a strong print, and the Alexander Henry print worked for it. Though it would be good if the fabric had a little stretch to it so it was more comfortable to wear. I did look for a woven with a slight stretch but couldn't find anything nice.

A couple of details like the vents in the sleeves and the side splits helped take away a bit of the simpleness (if you know what I mean) and made it more comfortable.

And I got to wear some of my favourite earrings as shown in the top pic, little origami cranes (bought at a shop in Newtown), which was a nice link back to the table decorations I made. Or maybe origami is just one of my latest obsessions :-)

I'm also planning to do a post on the dress I made for my big girl. I just need to take a few more pics, at least she will be a much less shy model than me :-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 8 days til Christmas.


  1. Yikes! It's BEAUTIFUL. And you're right - much of it comes from the detail (clever chook).

  2. That's a great dress! My little brother is geting married in July... it's tempting to try and make a dress for it. You shouldn't be shy at all -- very pretty!

  3. It's gorgeous and what an amazing fit. You're right about the fabric - it's perfect for the simple style.

  4. Your dress is gorgeous and the fabric so perfect. I am really impressed you drafted this yourself. The neckline is particularly beautiful (I can draft patterns but I prefer not to, because of the work involved in getting it right, for me it's much easier to purchase someone else's hard work!)

  5. looks fantastic Jo - you did a great job of it!

  6. This is amazing! I linked here from Flickr hoping to see what pattern you used and am floored that you drafted it yourself! Amazing.

  7. I second Claire, I followed too, what a coincidence the fabric of mine you liked is the same designer!


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