Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Origami star boxes

What is it that is so satisfying about origami, I wonder? Maybe it's the concept of making something 3D from something flat. I particularly find making box or cup shapes fun as they can actually hold something.

I made these classic origami star boxes for my brother's wedding on the weekend as a table decoration/take-home gift (I'll show you my dress and the big girl's this week). And as I can never remember the folding instructions from one time I make them to the next, I used these online instructions.

Each one was made from an A5 size sheet of metallic paper trimmed to a 148mm square. I sat up the night before the wedding making 43 of them, and though it started off slow I got quicker as I went and was not too bleary-eyed the next morning :-)

A piece of metallic silver tissue paper was placed into each and then a chocolate placed in the centre. They make a pretty little decoration and are fun to make if you are looking for a satisfying project.


  1. been looking for something cool for gifts. These are right up my alley!

  2. Such a nice take home gift from a wedding. I love origami too - you rae right there is something very satisfying about origami.


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