Saturday, January 15, 2011

Desperately seeking Simplicity 3835

Is the following scenario at all familiar to you?...

• Think about how I'd like a new sewing pattern...
• casually cruise Flickr/sewing sites/blogs for ideas...
• come across something I kinda like...
• see it more and more in some groovy fabrics...
• look it up with the vague idea I might buy it...
• find it's out of print...!
• now desperately gotta have it...!!!

This has happened to me not once but twice lately, and rather than chastise myself about wanting something I can't have and try to except it and move on etc etc, I became more determined to find them.

The first was this Oliver & S very cute kids kimono top pyjama set that I'd started to see everywhere: beautiful versions at Five and Counting and Made by Rae. I finally found it here.

Ahh, satisfaction. Until... I started looking for a dress pattern for me and found the perfect one.. you guessed it: out of print.

It's Simplicity 3835 (this number's in my long-term memory now, and has been Googled umpteen times!), one of the "Built by Wendy" patterns. As usual I don't love the pictures on the pattern cover, but when I looked on my friend Flickr, clever people have made beautiful versions of it. I love the classic peasant top, but mainly it's the tie-sleeved dress that I've fallen in love with - I'm picturing it as a winter staple, layered and worn with tights and boots.

When I did finally find I could actually get it from the US Simplicity site, I speedily went to the checkout only to find that my US$8.95 pattern was going to cost US$26.13 to be posted to me, the total being $35.08! Does anyone know if there are any copies available in Australia?

Maybe I should just give my poor little Paypal account a hiding and pay up, or maybe just accept it and move on... nah, that's not going to happen!


  1. Wow, that is a cute dress! Stinks that shipping is so high. It would probably be cheaper to ship it to me in NY... and then I could post it to you. I wonder how much a flat envelop would be... I think the fabric bird I sent to Aus was under $2 american. Email me, maybe I can help you get your hands on this easier?

  2. hee hee... I had that same frenzied search at some stage and am sure i located a copy of the Simplicity at a local spotlight. I really thought I bought it but have just had a look through my patterns and haven't found it so maybe not. I definitely haven't made it yet.

  3. Christie, you are a wonderful soul :-) I'll see if I can get it here, but if not may just take you up on your lovely offer, thank you!

    Deb, you know it? Quick, have another look around ;-) Good point though, maybe plain old Spotlight will have a copy. Now I just have to work up the courage to take all 3 kids there :-)

  4. Our library has a copy of the built by Wendy series- you know the books she put out with 5 patterns in them and instructions on drafting? You could draft yourself something very similar from one of her books ... also have you looked through New Look - they often carry similar lines to Simplicity being the same manufacturer and you may find something similar that you can adapt from them for far cheaper..

    good luck If it makes you feel any better, I just paid $40 to import a Collette pattern from the States. The pattern was expensive but the US $10 delivery charge for one pattern was the real killer. I understand that they need to add a handling charge but that's for $10 that's handling and arming and legging!

  5. Hi, did you ever find this pattern, like you I have been obsessing about it and finally found one on also found one at

    I hope this helps as its just so frustrating wanting something that is not available.

  6. On that note....does anyone have a copy of Vogue 8613 that they'd like to sell?

  7. Hi. I was also looking for the same pattern and stumbled onto your site. I just found it for download at by searching 3835.|186|186&pageCount=18&search=3835&return=yes
    Only $5.74. I'm in the US, but since it's download that might not matter. Good luck!


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