Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year fun

Hello hello, happy new year! I hope you've had an opportunity to spend some time with your families and relax (although those two don't necessarily go together in my house!) and have some fun.

Around here we have been:

Playing with a new birthday dollhouse happily filled with gorgeous Le Toy Van painted wooden furniture, a Christmas gift...

Cooking and eating plum jam made with these cute little plums collected on a recent foraging trip with friends (thank you Penny :-) ...

making parcels of sweets for neighbours and decorating them using pom poms (great finger tutorial here)...

and finding a little frog under our garbage bins! Very exciting given that we thought we didn't have a 'green' enough environment for them here.

Also I've made a few little changes to my blog. I thought it was about time I changed the pic on my header, then I looked at what a crazy mess my lists on the right had become, and though technically challenged, have tried to simplify it. My aim is to work out how to simplify it further while keeping it easy to navigate. Hmm! And as I've totally ignored my Etsy and Madeit shops lately I've taken them off til I can get some stock back up, which will hopefully happen soon so I can buy more supplies. You know how it goes ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Evie got a Le Toy Van doll house for Christmas - I love their stuff. Ooh yum plum jam - can't wait for mine to be ripe.


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